Bioshock 4 Might Have a New Setting

Based on some job descriptions, we will have a brand new setting for the mysterious Bioshock 4. Cloud Chamber's descriptions hint that we will not return to Rapture or Columbia from the previous games. From what is written, we don't get details on what place we will be exploring in the long-awaited sequel.

Bioshock 4 Might Have a New Setting

It has been too long since Bioshock Infinite, the third and as of right now, the final installment of the franchise. We know Cloud Chamber is working on the next game, but now due to Twitter user MauroNL pointing out a job listing, we have a glimpse into what to expect for the mysterious sequel. Based on the job descriptions, Bioshock 4 might have a new setting, not Rapture or Columbia. 

14 positions are open for the Montreal-based studio. It ranges from animation to game design and programming to management. The requirements for applicants covers work on AAA games and experience with Unreal Engine 4. Some of the job descriptions seek for the applicant to “help us breathe life into a new and fantastical world.” If it is a brand new world, then we will be exploring a new city, one that is not in the sky or underwater.

In case you were not certain that these are for Bioshock 4, the description for the senior cinematic artist position confirms that these jobs are for the next entry in the franchise.

“In BioShock, narrative moments blend seamlessly and dramatically into captivating gameplay scenarios,” it reads. “Our Cinematic Artist will assemble animations, environment assets, visual effects, and audio – add drama with lighting and player triggering events – culminating into a Swiss-watch of dramatic impact. We are looking for an artist who can masterfully create the narrative first-person moments that exist along a continuum of fully interactive set-pieces in our game.”

If you were hoping to get a hint at the location, the environment modeler does not offer any hints at where players will head to in this sequel.

What new setting do you hope for in Bioshock 4? Let us know what your wishes are in the comments.

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