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Biomutant Patch Update Coming Soon

Biomutant is getting a new patch update soon, based on community feedback. The game's Twitter page indicates a plethora of optimization fixes for players such as dialogue improvements, narrator options, fixes to the difficulty as well as enemy tuning. The patch is likely to be released for PC initially, with console updates following shortly after.

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It seems Experiment 101 has been attentively listening to player feedback as Biomutant’s colourful world will be receiving a patch update soon. Players can expect enemy difficulty problems to be addressed and much more. The fix is said to cover dialogue pacing, narrator settings, and even audio too.

Responses contained within the Twitter thread show the players’ support and admiration; “the fact that they are listening to the community, I am proud and happy to support them”. Others are already thinking of a bright future for the game stating that “it does need a sequel with all that lore.” They have hit the mark for some. 

On the other hand, other responses do correspond to the need for fixing the combat and difficulty. “The foundation of the combat is unfinished” and “everything is weak” at this early stage, some replies show. These areas of issue are demonstrated across a mix of user reviews on Metacritic. The traffic light system shows a long list of green, but an equally heavy list of yellow and red expressing disappointment as the game “is not fleshed out at all”. Perhaps tightening up the combat, difficulty, as well as the looting concerns, will appease a wider fan base.

Biomutant - World Trailer

When all is said and done, the small team behind Biomutant has accomplished a great deal already, and it is always wonderful to see this level of engagement with the community.

Which aspects of Biomutant do you think need a little more fine-tuning? Let me know in the comments below.

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