Bethesda to Remove Forced BethesdaNet Login from Classic DOOM Re-Releases

Fans have ripped and torn Bethesda apart for its handling of the recent DOOM re-releases. The publisher has been heavily criticized for requiring players to have a BethesdaNet account before being able to play these classic games, despite these releases having no online functionality. However, today the publisher announced plans to remedy the situation.
Bethesda to Remove Forced BethesdaNet Login from Classic DOOM Re-Releases

Bethesda to Remove Forced BethesdaNet Login from Classic DOOM Re-Releases

Bethesda has announced a major update to their recent batch of classic DOOM re-releases. Following heavy backlash from fans, the publisher is planning to remove the required BethesdaNet login from each game.

Bethesda recently shadow-dropped DOOM, DOOM 2, and DOOM 3 onto modern platforms. Fans were initially ecstatic about the opportunity to play these classic shooters on their platform of choice – until they actually booted up the games themselves. It was soon discovered that these releases forced players to create or login to BethesdaNet accounts before being able to actually play the games. 

DOOM, DOOM II, and DOOM 3 Re-Release Trailer

Players were understandably frustrated with this situation. After all, all three of these games are completely offline experiences. Locking them behind a forced online login felt unnecessary – some suspected it was a subversive attempt by Bethesda to access more personal information.

However, a major update is on the way to remedy this situation. According to Bethesda’s official Twitter account, the required login was an accident and was only meant for members of the Slayers Club. The company is now working on an update to make the login optional for all players. Here’s the publisher’s quote in full:

Bethesda has promised to notify players once the update is released.

The original trilogy of classic DOOM games is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Meanwhile, DOOM and DOOM II are also available on iOS and Android. There’s even more hellish DOOM action to come later this year, when DOOM Eternal launches on November 22 for all major platforms – even Google Stadia.

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