Become Death in New Strategy Adventure, Death and Taxes

Take on the role of the Grim Reaper... in an office job. Working under the intense scrutiny of Fate, navigate each day of work, deciding from each pile of unfortunate candidates who should live and who should meet their maker in this dark, 2D adventure.

Become Death in New Strategy Adventure, Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes is a point-and-click strategy simulation by Placeholder Gameworks, sure to be a hit with fans of choice-driven games. Alike to Paper’s, Please, Death and Taxes challenges the player to decide the destiny of a number of people. Under the management of Fate, navigate each day of work, deciding who gets to live and who will be sent to the Underworld. Relying on digesting quick pieces of information, the player will have to choose the right candidates to please Fate, but the choices won’t be easy as the levels progressively get more difficult with each passing day. With dubious figures and good-hearted individuals to judge, morals are put well and truly to the test.

Whatever you choose, Death and Taxes urges you to consider your strategy and the consequences of your choices, as each decision weighs towards the ending you will get. Let’s Players have already taken to Youtube to test out the demo. 

Death and Taxes is a game in the vein of narrative-based indie titles, such as “Papers, Please“, “Reigns“, “Beholder” and “Animal Inspector“, to name a few. The consequences of your choices are yours to bear, while the mystery of your incarnation awaits revelation!

There are lots of features to look forward to in Death and Taxes including ‘meaningful choices, a branching storyline with multiple [SECRET] endings, make-your-own-Grim-Reaper, fully voiced NPCs, an original soundtrack, original artwork featuring watercolour graphics, dialogue options, an upgrade shop, and Twitch integration’.

Death and Taxes will be available on PC (Steam) on the 20 February 2020.

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