Beautiful Travel Game Wanderlust Now Releasing in September

Wanderlust is delaying its full departure. This beautiful travel game from two ex-Witcher developers was initially scheduled to release later this month on PC, Mac, and iOS. However, the developers have pushed the release date back to later in September.
Beautiful Travel Game Wanderlust Now Releasing in September

Beautiful Travel Game Wanderlust Now Releasing in September

Wanderlust Travel Stories, the “interactive travelogue” from two ex-Witcher developers, has a new release date. While it was first planned to be available in August, it will now release on September 26. With the extra time until launch, developer Different Tales plans to be “rigorously testing” the game to ensure it meets their higher standards of quality.

Here’s what co-developer Jacek Brzeziński had to say about the change in plans.

After many discussions with our publisher, in order to deliver the quality expected by both players and us, we feel that we need a little bit more time to polish the game and make it a perfect digital travel experience. We apologize for the small delay.

-Jacek Brzeziński

Wanderlust Travel Stories

Wanderlust is a “slow game” focused upon telling a grounded and realistic story about a group of world travelers. Ever since its first reveal in July, it’s made quite an impression upon a variety of players. We came away incredibly impressed in our own early preview of the game, saying that it has the potential to be “one of 2019’s most surprisingly delightful games.”

When it comes to the game’s wider reception thus far, co-creator Artur Ganszyniec had the following to say.

As we started presenting Wanderlust Travel Stories, we noticed that it was very received also by people who do not think of themselves as gamers.

This might be a sign that interactive media can find their way into the mainstream culture, becoming in time just another way of telling stories about common human experiences.

We hope that by experiencing the stories told by Wanderlust, by seeing the world from another point of view.

-Artur Ganszyniec

Wanderlust Travel Stories will release on September 26 for PC and Mac via Steam, along with a mobile iOS version.


  1. Polish developers taking more time to polish their game. Sounds so Polish 🙂

    • Lol absolutely! Let’s hope that the final game really is a polished experience…


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