Original Bayonetta Voice Actress Calls For Boycotts After “Insulting” $4,000 Pay Final Offer

Hellena Taylor, voice actress of Bayonetta in the first two entries in the series, has taken to Twitter to clarify why she is not involved in the third game. The actress alleges she was only offered a flat rate buyout of $4,000 for her entire performance, and urges players to boycott the game.

Bayonetta Voice Actress Calls For Boycotts After The voice actress behind Bayonetta, Hellena Taylor, has taken to Twitter to share that she declined to reprise the iconic role in the sequel after being offered only a $4,000 dollar flat rate for the entirety of her performance in Bayonetta 3.

In the video, she asks fans to boycott the game, and instead put that money into a charity of their choice. Taylor explains she feels the offer was “insulting,” given that the franchise has made approximately $450 million dollars.

Over the course of the thread, Taylor goes into detail about her communications with series director Hideki Kamiya. She’d brought concerns about her payment to the director, and was met with a seemingly very kind response. Hideki Kamiya took time to remind her of her value to the franchise, stating he “values greatly [her] contributions to the game,” and “fans really want [her] to voice it over.” Taylor explains she felt reassured by these conversations.

Shortly after this, Taylor would receive the shocking $4000 offer.

This news comes only 10 days after the studio Platinum Games confirmed she had left the project. The role is now being helmed by Jennifer Hale, famous for her work as Shepard in the Mass Effect franchise. There’s no word on how much Hale is being offered to take on the titular role in her absence.

Hellena Taylor has been Bayonetta since the beginning, and for many fans, her absence will be felt.

“I didn’t want the world. I didn’t ask for too much. I was just asking for a decent, dignified living wage. What they did was legal, but it was immoral.” – Hellena Taylor

Source: Hellena Taylor on Twitter

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