Battlerite’s Roadmap and Royale’s Beta Sign Up!

It was previously announced that Battlerite Royale would be a standalone game... which didn't sit well with the community. However, it was also said that the roadmap for the rest of the year would be released this Monday, August 13th, by the hand of the Royale's Beta sign up. Come check it out!

Battlerite Royale News By KEENGAMERThere are seldom interesting points to mention:

Battlerite Royale Closed Beta Sign Up

A chance to play it before it launches in Early Access on Steam. I certainly hope they get enough sign-ups after the community's response, which wasn't precisely hyped at the fact that they'll have to pay again in order to be able to play something they were told to be free. Even more after being disappointed in the management of the Arena mode.

Controversy aside, the Closed Beta is due to September, and you can sign up here.

3 new arena maps and adventure items

Which should be released this September, described as "3 Battlerite Royale inspired Arena maps".

Battlerite Royale Early Concept

Royale Launch

In Early Access on Steam, this very same September after the adventure Items. The rewards and discounts for those who own an All-Champions pack or Ultimate Fan Pack on Battlerite will be announced on a later date it seems.

Book of Lore

Which I personally find interesting enough, as it's basically a website where we'll able to get into the story of Battlerite. Charismatic champions like Freya, Jade, Ulric, Destiny… should have a deep lore behind them and may be a good way for players to see the game in a new light.

The roadmap indicates it will be ready this October

New Champions, Maps, Emotes…

2 New champions, only a teaser of the first who should be released on November, holding hands with some new Emotes; And the second champion on December, some new maps, and the Tournament Mode, which should be a nice addition if the circumstances are favorable.

Blossom Wallpaper
And that's all! For additional info on the change of seasons and the BPL you are welcome to visit the official Roadmap

Battlerite Pro League 2018 - How It Works

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