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Battlerite’s Pro-League Season 2 is Coming!

Battlerite's Pro-League Season 1 was pretty exciting in its own way, yet it was also kind of a prototype which received a lot of feedback from the game's community. Now, on July 13 Dev's update, they addressed the different facets which they'll improve once Season 2 begins, like champion draft and bans or how the information will be distributed. Find out more with us!

Battlerite Pro League News by KEENGAMER

Battlerite Pro-League (BPL) Season 2

So, for starters, the new Season will begin on August 11th or 12th depending on the region, and it will follow the same schedule as the first season, every weekend for six weeks straight:

August 8Group Draws
August 11-12Group Stage
August 18-19Group Stage
Agugust 25-26Group Stage+Tiebreakers
September 1-2Playoffs
September 8-9Finals
Septembet 15-16Relegations and Promotion Matches

So, yeah, there won't be a global BPL finals, something which had been planned and referenced here:

Battlerite Pro League 2018 - How It Works

It seems like in this season they want to focus on improving the content and how easy is to access the information regarding the whole of the BPL. Hence, VODS will be uploaded to the Battlerite Esports Youtube channel more often, updates will be done to both dedicated websites of the BPL (BPL.gg and predict.bpl.gg) and they are looking into producing more content.

Finally, the stream schedule on twitch.tv/battlerite for both, NA and EU, will be as follows:

-BPL NA on Saturdays, beginning at 12:00 PT
-BPL EU on Sundays, beginning at 18:00 CEST

And BPL South America will be streamed on twitch.tv/battleritesa, beginning at 19:00 BRT.

They don't mention any plans on streaming the South Korea BPL.

Champion Draft and Bans

Although the developers thought about adding a ban system in BPL Season 1, they decided to see how the competitive scene would playout without them. The result was quite healthy, yet they wanted to grant more control in the drafting phase to both teams, shaping the new scheme as follows:


However there are several factors to have in mind: First, none of these changes will affect the normal in-game league draft. Second, all actions will continue to be simultaneously for both teams,and third, banning a champion will only affect the opposing team, which means even if you ban Rook, you can still play him unless the enemy team bans him as well.

These changes are open for feedback, and the developers will continue to monitor them.

Now, personally, I like the idea of adding bans which are exclusive to the enemy team, as I feel it grants much more depth to the game as a simple two-sided ban, and even more when considering Battlerite doesn't have as many champions as other "MOBAs". Also, I've read many players complaining about how bans can worsen the quality of the competitive scene, seeing as some teams may prefer to ban a champion the opponent is proficient with, yet I think it also means the contrary, as the player's skill will have to thicken in order to have more options when choosing different match-ups, hence banning may rotate from proficiency-based to composition-based more often than not, depending on the strategy they may come up with. Bans are the only way they have to control their enemy's draft after all, compared to other competitive scenes where picking a champion excludes the opponent from picking it.

Team Roster and Open Qualifiers

The BPL ruleset requests that at least 2 members of the previous season remain in the team's roster, which has to be locked before July 25th in order to keep their placements in Season 2.

In case a team fails to keep their placement, whatever the reason, the BPL will hold an Open Qualifier on August 4th or 5th in order to replace the empty slot. Further information may be released if necessary.

Rising Stars

For those thinking on giving it a try, the event is back with Season 2 and will be held starting from the weekend of August 18th and 19th. There will be three events and one of playoffs, yet as during Season 1, it won't be streamed but the winners will have a chance of advancing to BPL Season 3!

For more information about how to participate, click here

It's a shame they won't stream it though, I personally enjoy watching all kinds of quality matches. And that's all guys! I also encourage you to read Official Blog for more direct impressions from the devs. See ya!

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