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Battlerite Royale Map revealed!

Battlerite Royale, to be released in July, caused quite a commotion when it was announced, when it was explained, and it will probably fan the flames now that it has revealed the concept art of its map. Find out about it with us!

Battlerite Royale Map revealed!


The map "30 times bigger" than the normal arena, is called Talon island, and it's divided into several zones like the town of Anvilfall, the Glimmering Woods, the Starlight Oasis, and the Ancient Tomb.

Talon Island is located in the Great River Valley of Daharin, which is also the home of Ulric "The Unwavering Light" and where the headquarters of his order is located, the Monastery of Resonance.

Battlerite Royale Map revealed!
As you can see, the lore of Battlerite is expanding little by little, and the developers have begun to work with the talented lore writer Christopher Harrow to improve their universe building. And when it comes for the design of the island -or so it's explained- they have chosen to breathe some colorful, varied and engaging looks into it, as to invite players to explore the island rather than focusing on combat only.

I've got to say, I'm excited to see how the map will turn out in the end when it releases on Steam. They are putting much work into it and I feel like the mode may become something more interesting than just another Battle Royale. But we shall see.

Finally, for more concept arts and details, please visit their official blog. 

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