Battlerite Royale Delayed

The first tweet about the royale mode for Battlerite was full of controversy, but you could say it has had a generally positive response despite the BR fever that so many games are going through. As such, in last Dev Update, it has been announced a delay in the release of Battlerite Royale. Find out why with us!

Battlerite Royale Delayed
The latest Dev Update of Battlerite starts by explaining why the new mode is being delayed -"Battlerite Royale has had a huge response from the gaming community and as a result, we have taken another look at our Royale development and decided we want to push the experience a step further."

Which means No July release, and they are not prepared to share any date yet. However, they also mentioned something most of you may be interested in…

They are thinking on beta test invitations

Details about the sign up were not revealed though, as it seems they are still tunning such matters down, and probably wanted to create more expectation, hence why they proceeded to unveil some of the inner workings of the development:

"We are taking this planned delay seriously in what this means for the potential of Royale. For example, we noticed that escapes and defensive mechanics were too strong in Royale compared to Arena and so we will rebalance Champions to create a fairer experience during this added time. Fine tuning Champions for Royale also allows us to create and balance a robust item system."

They are also "tailoring" a matchmaking and ranking system specifically for the new mode, adding unique cosmetics and rewards for the players to enjoy, besides a customized in-game HUD to represent more accurately abilities, items, and consumables. The map was also mentioned -as it is far larger than the normal one, it will require an improved minimap in order to grant a better gaming experience.

"The list of things we are working on to push Battlerite Royale further goes on; tailoring the scoreboard, adding interactable map objects like jump pads, portals, and air drops, a complete remake of the network code to support 20 players, improving the menu, new sounds, music and much more. Some of these additions you may have seen on Reddit already, just remember that many things change in development and leaks are not representative of the final product."

Finally, they reassured that for them the best course of action is a full polish of the Royale mode while not compromising the Arena, yet they also want to release it as soon as they can.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited. I feel like the new mode will become the perfect weight to counter-balance the serious and tense arena mode which has made so many players quit the game. Still, time will tell.

For more information and some screenshots of the new game mode, please visit the official blog.

And as a last bonus, here is the Korea trailer release of Battlerite, featuring Ashka.

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