Battlefield V Will Feature A ‘Battle Royale’ Mode

EA's first announcement at E3 is here! And it's a surprise! The new Battlefield V won't feature the unpopular lootboxes, but will feature the hyped 'Battle Royale' mode popularized by PUBG and Fortnite!

Battlefield V Will Feature A 'Battle Royale' Mode
Battlefield V, the next entry of the Battlefield franchise, will feature a 'Royale' mode, as has been announced in the EA Press Conference during the first day of E3 2018 after earlier rumors of it's development.


EA started off this year's conference with arguably their greatest franchise: Battlefield, developed by DICE. DICE showed off a trailer of the new Battlefield and shortly presented some of its new features. Battlefield V takes place in the second world war, and features many gameplay improvements in combat over the previous Battlefield games. For instance, sneaking up on enemies through a glass window will be implemented in Battlefield V, as well as the ability to pick up vehicles such as artillery verhicles and other trucks. There's also more to do in terms of character customization than ever before in a Battlefield game, but it's likely that these components will require microtransactions.

But the main addition to Battlefield V is a 'Royale' mode. The announcement of this mode resulted in cheers from the live crowd, but the gaming community's comments were certainly more mixed, as many gamers believe Battle Royale would be overdone if introduced in most new releases. Nonetheless, DICE believes that the 'Royale' mode can be succesful in the Battlefield franchise. It remains to be seen if the Royale mode will be both commercially succesful as well as critically acclaimed.

Battlefield V Will Feature A 'Battle Royale' Mode - Trailer Impression
Apart from the new additions to Battlefield V, DICE also announced that no lootboxes would be apparent in the new Battlefield. The Premium Pass, featured in other Battlefield titles, will also vanish, as it only complicated multiplayer game modes.
The community's response to this news was very positive, but questions remain. EA has been known to make a game sound more consumer friendly in presentation than in the final product, so only time will tell how the final product will turn out.

Battlefield V is available for pre-order (59,99$) and will be released on October 19th, 2018 for Windows, XBONE and PS4. 

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