Battlefield 5 to be presented on May 23rd?

It seems that we know the exact date of the official announcement of the Battlefield 5. Some clues that have been discovered by players point the end of the ongoing month. Which day is it then?

Battlefield 5 to be presented on May 23rd?
As far as we know, Electronic Arts and DICE studio are preparing the special event for the official announcement of Battlefield 5 later this month. If the rumours are true it will happen on May 23rd – this information appeared on a secret website with BF5 theme.

The website contains a hashtag “#Battlefield5” and it has been discovered by the group of players who managed to solve the puzzle connected with easter egg on one of the maps in Battlefield 1, Fort Vaux. According to the EA’s financial plans, new Battlefield is planned to be released fall 2018, so the May 23th is the proper date for giving some glimpse about game’s setting and main features.

As it was revealed on the company’s financial conference, new Battlefield game will feature unique game modes, more intense battles, new possibilities in combat and more advanced visual than any game in the series before. We may assume that we will able to see it in action during upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 that starts in June.

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