Battlefield 2042 Revealed, Does Not Include a Campaign

EA has revealed Battlefield 2042, releasing on October 22nd for current and last-generation consoles alongside PC. 2042 takes the series back into the future after the last two entries took place in the past. Like Call of Duty did with Black Ops 4, 2042 will not feature a campaign mode.

Battlefield 2042 Revealed, Does Not Include a Campaign coverEA and DICE have revealed the next iteration of BattlefieldBattlefield 2042. Breaking from tradition, it will not feature a single-player campaign, nor are there plans for a battle royale mode.

In a press release, Oskar Gabrielson, general manager of DICE, said:

Battlefield 2042 is an evolution of the franchise and embraces what our players want – the ultimate Battlefield multiplayer sandbox with intense combat and a ton of incredible, unexpected events

Battlefield 2042 sees the franchise head back into the future. The United States and Russia are at war in the backdrop of a humanitarian crisis, bringing the whole world into conflict.

Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

As for gameplay, DICE’s shooter sees the return of classic game modes such as Conquest and Breakthrough alongside new characters known as Specialists. These heroes are inspired by the traditional Battlefield class system, with each Specialist having its individual trait and specialty.

DICE has introduced a new game mode with Hazard Zone. EA says it is a “modern take on the multiplayer experience” but very different from traditional modes in the franchise.  

Taking advantage of the next-generation consoles, Battlefield 2042 will support 128 players on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The Xbox One and PS4 generation will support 64 players.

At launch, it will feature seven multiplayer maps. These maps will incorporate dynamic storms and events.

DICE LA, headed up by Vince Zampella, is working on a third experience for the game, with it described as a ‘love letter’ to fans. More details will be revealed during EA Play on July 22nd.

The gameplay reveal for Battlefield‘s return to the future will come on June 13th (this Sunday), likely during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase.

Battlefield 2042 will release on 22nd October for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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