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Battlefield 1 rental server information released

EA has finally answered a number of questions Battlefield fans have. Rental server prices have now been confirmed. On top of that, the date of the rental server release has been announced.

Battlefield 1 rental server information released
Last week it was revealed that EA were in control of providing their rental servers and were not looking for any third party support regarding servers. However, with this, the prices that you will have to pay to rent out a server have been revealed.


– 1 Day – $2.99
– 7 Days – $11.99
– 30 Days – $42.99
– 90 Days – $99.99
– 180 Days – $149.99

Xbox One/Playstation 4

– 1 Day – $1.99
– 7 Days – $7.99
– 30 Days – $26.99
– 90 Days – $64.99
– 180 Days – $99.99

As shown with this update, it is cheaper to rent a server on console than it is on PC. We can only assume that this has something to do with server side support from EA differing from PC and Console.

EA also announced that you will be able to rent servers this November however no specific date was given.

Battlefield 1 hits store shelves in only two days time, you'll be able to rent out servers sometime next month. 

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