Battlefield 1 now has Hardcore mode!

War is hell, and hell just got even more real. Battlefield 1 has finally received the addition of Hardcore mode, a much-loved mode originating in Battlefield 2 designed to make the game punishingly difficult and realistic. Will you be returning to the battlefield in Hardcore mode?

Battlefield 1 now has Hardcore mode!
Sadists rejoice! Hardcore mode is back in full force in Battlefield 1. 

Hardcore has a long and chronicled history in the Battlefield franchise, starting back in the good old days of Battlefield 2, it was an instant fan favourite and the proving ground for both the best and the most masochistic of players.

DICE tote Hardcore in Battlefield 1 as "throwing the training wheels out of the window" in a unique format where server admins control the degree of hardcore, meaning that mini map, spotting, crosshairs etc might be removed, depending on the server on which you choose to play. Friendly Fire is also enabled, and all tanks look similar, meaning you'll have to learn to distinguish the uniforms and markings of your enemies from those of your allies.

If this experience sounds right up your alley, now is the time to drop back onto the frontlines and fight for your life.

You can purchase Battlefield 1 on the game's official website for the starting price of £49.99 for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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