Battle Your Way to the Top in Cyberpunk Adventure, Ghostrunner

Based in an unforgiving cyberpunk world, Ghostrunner takes us on a turbulent adventure through the last human shelter and the danger that lies in wait. Hone your skills, fight your way up the tower, and take down the tyrannical Keymaster before it’s too late.

Battle Your Way to the Top of the Tower In Cyberpunk Adventure, Ghostrunner

This year is set to be a great year for cyberpunk lovers, with many titles (including the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, which has unfortunately faced delays) set to release. In what looks to be a captivating mix of popular titles like Dishonoured and Cyberpunk 2077, Ghostrunner takes us through the streets of humanity’s last remaining shelter: a tower-city ravaged by violence and anarchy, where a tyrant rules and secrets lie in wait. 


Set in a world where a person’s worth is reliant on the implants they were given in their youth, Ghostrunner introduces us to a violent, story rich, cyberpunk adventure. Defeat your foes, discover the hidden truths of your origin, and build up your skills to climb the tower. 

In the ashes of a broken and chaotic world, life is cheap and death is always around the corner. It’s here, in this bleak and miserable existence, that a cyber-warrior must struggle to avoid a bloody end and navigate through the remains of a once-great civilization. A massive tower houses the survivors of the apocalypse and it’s up to you to reveal the mystery…

Fight in the virtual and real world to get to the top of the tower.

Fight in the virtual and real world to get to the top of the tower.

The tower-city is awash with crime and grim activity, but fortunately for humanity, a cyber-warrior is on-hand. Our mission? Reach the top of the tower and defeat the Keymaster. With each level, secrets are discovered, but your enemies will only grow fiercer, determined to get the technology within your body. Figure out each riddle and advance to the next stage of the tower, or risk a grisly fate.


Cyberpunk World: Ghostrunner is set in a cyberpunk world where the apocalypse has left humanity with only one remaining shelter: the tower-city, built by The Architect who mysteriously died years ago and ruled by The Keymaster.

Survival: To survive, you will need to keep your wits about you, and build up your skills to defeat those desperate for the technology nestled under your skin.

Customisation: As new threats arise, bio-implants and body modifications become vital in the race to survive, so choose wisely. 

Ghostrunner - Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Ghostrunner will be available on PC (Steam), Playstation 4, and Xbox One this year.

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