Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Lauren Shiba Moveset Showcased

Lauren Shiba, dropping September 15, just got a new video showcasing her moveset as Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s latest DLC. Hosted on The Viewing Globe, we got to see the red Samurai ranger’s combo potential, super and zord-assisted setups. She’ll be the second DLC character for the third season, with Scorpina wrapping it up.

Battle For The Grid's Lauren Shiba Moveset Showcased

On a livestream event called The Viewing Globe hosted by The Illuminerdi, nWay had a lot to say about both of their Power Rangers games. Brian Murphy and Long Tran, combat designers for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and Battle for the Grid, respectively, were interviewed alongside nWay community and marketing representative Rose about several topics regarding their games. One of these topics was the next Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid DLC character: Lauren Shiba.

Most fans were at the edge of their seats for the teased gameplay video at the end. Following questions about character representation in Battle for the Grid regarding Lauren Shiba, Tran talked about how he pushed for both female characters and also female villains as DLC for season 3. This pushing worked out because we now have the very first female red ranger in the whole series dropping September 15, with a showcase to boot! She serves as the game’s first representative of the Samurai season of the show, adding some welcome variety to the game’s cast.

I recently wrote an article about how more games should use Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as an example, do you agree? Who do you want to see added into the game’s ever-growing roster? 

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