Battle Brothers Getting New Middle Eastern Inspired DLC

Nearly one year after the announcement of their previous expansion, Overhype Studios just announced Battle Brothers: Blazing Deserts. The DLC aims at expanding the game's world considerably while adding several major and minor features to gameplay. Overhype Studios is promising that this will be the game's biggest expansion to date.

Battle Brothers Blazing Deserts Cover

Following the great success of the Warriors of the North expansion (93% Steam approval rating), Overhype Studios is continuing its support of Battle Brothers with a new DLC. Titled Blazing Deserts, the announced expansion for this medieval-fantasy strategy game will take inspiration from Arabic and Persian cultures of the same period.

With Blazing Deserts, players will have the chance to lead their mercenary company into a completely new environment. One which isn’t only characterized by new biomes (like deserts/jungles) but also by different socio-political systems, unit types and equipment. In these lands, player will experience very different fighting styles and will likely have to adapt their tried-and-true battle tactics to these new and foreign ways. The whole experience will culminate in a new late game crisis, one set against the ‘fires of religious turmoil’.

The DLC will also introduce new “exotic beasts” to the land. Given the cast of already present eldritch horrors, we can only imagine what horrid forms these will take. Hopefully, though, we will get sand-worms à la Dune

Teaser Image for Blazing Deserts.

Teaser Image for Blazing Deserts.

The DLC also adds a series of features which diversify the whole “managing-a-mercenary-company” aspect of the game. In these new lands, south of the map, players can hire recruits from the independent city-state with new character backgrounds. Your company will take up new types of contracts and will face new events. Most interesting however is the “gallery of company feats”. Through it, you will earn unique bonuses “with which to customize your company to your playstyle as you progress”. This seems to promise a very desirable way with which to influence and differentiate each play-through. 

Together with a new soundtrack by Breakdown Epiphanies (which always outdo themselves) and “countless smaller additions”, Blazing Deserts looks promising. Its release will also include a free update which will bring several quality of life/balance changes to the base game. Though we do not have an exact release date (with the developers putting it around Q2 of this year), you can follow Blazing Deserts development via its weekly dev blogs

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