Batman: Arkham Origins online services shutting down

The online servers for Batman: Arkham Origins will be shutting down early December.

Batman: Arkham Origins online services shutting down
Warner Bros have announced that the servers for Batman: Arkham Origins' online mode will be shutting down on December 4th.

The post reads 'As of December 4, 2016, the online services portion of Batman: Arkham Origins will be retired We thank those that have joined us to battle over the last 3 years. The Single player campaign may still be played and enjoyed offline.'

The multiplayer in the game has never been very active and died down straight after launch due to the fact that it was basic with long wait times and bad matchmaking. In the online, you either played as a member of Joker's or Bane's gang or as Batman and Robin as you fought in a 2 or 3-way battle. Personally, I played it a couple of times but it got boring fast.

Do you still play multiplayer in this game? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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