Bad Apple Wars Launches October 13th

Despite the launch day being delayed, Aksys Games and Idea Factory proudly announce that Bad Apple Wars will release in North America physically and digitally for the Playstation Vita handheld entertainment system on October 13th, 2017!

Bad Apple Wars launches October 13th 2017
Fate strikes when you least expect it, as our heroine soon finds herself on the grounds of an unknown, otherworldly academy. One of many souls left behind by death, she must choose between two warring factions within the walls of the academy. Will she follow the straight path set before her by the Disciplinary Committee, goaded on by promises of resurrection? Or will she stray into the mire of Bad Apples and find a different kind of salvation? The outcome of the war is in your hands!

The developers have added some interesting features to the game which include:

Life and Death:

There are numerous story routes to discover and experience, from the heart-wrenchingly tragic to the truly uplifting and inspiring. Follow the myriad of twists and turns to discover the truth of the mysterious academy.

Warring Factions:
Choose between the cold-blooded, rule-bound side of law and order, or embrace the anarchy of the resistance and experience the story from two drastically different viewpoints.

Touch the Soul: 
Seek out the inner workings of the soul and use yourtouch screen in a fun and interactive way to explore the depth of the characters and influence the story.

Bad Apple Wars which is developed by both Aksys Games and Idea Factory is set to be released on the 13th of October 2017 in North America for the handheld Playstation Vita.

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