Back 4 Blood Gameplay Revealed – From the Creators of Left 4 Dead

The critically acclaimed game developer Turtle Rock Studios has finally revealed the gameplay of their next title, Back 4 Blood. Looking to be a spiritual successor to the studio's most popular outing, Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood seems to evolve on the ideas of the Valve-owned franchise.

Back 4 Blood Gameplay Reveal - From the Creators of Left 4 Dead Cover

Turtle Rock Studios, the original developer of the Left 4 Dead series, announced the title of its current project, Back 4 Blood, earlier this year. In our coverage of the announcement back in March, we noted the scarcity of information regarding this new title. Well, during The Game Awards on December 10th, we finally got a look at not only a cinematic reveal trailer but also a gameplay trailer.

In this gameplay demo, we get a good sense of the overall feel of the game. From the graffiti on the safe room walls to the aggressive horde of zombies attacking the player characters, this seems like an evolution of the Left 4 Dead formula. On the topic of evolution, the special infected featured throughout the trailer are huge in scale and look to pose even greater threats. 

Accompanying the gameplay in this trailer were a few announcements for the game. One of these announcements was for the closed alpha’s date on PC, starting on December 17th. Players can register for the closed alpha at the Back 4 Blood website. Additionally, Turtle Rock Studios took this opportunity to announce the release date of June 22, 2021, on consoles and PC.

Back 4 Blood - Game Awards Gameplay Demo

Back 4 Blood looks like a very promising spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series, and I am excited to find out more as the 2021 release approaches.

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