Babylon’s Fall, Platinum Games’ Failed Live-Service, Has Been Terminated

Babylon's Fall was a new IP from Platinum Games which began life as a third-person hack-and-slasher in the vein of many of Platinum's other ventures. When it launched as a co-op live-service looter, it bombed hard and never really recovered. As a result, it is being shut down next year.

Babylon's Fall, Platinum Games' Failed Live-Service, Has Been TerminatedPlatinum Games has revealed the fate of its failed live-service looter game, Babylon’s Fall and has decided to terminate all game services.

In a statement shared by the official Babylon’s Fall Twitter account and on the Hanging Garden website, it was revealed that the game would end on Tuesday the 28th of February 2023. The Babylon’s Fall team also put out a small roadmap detailing what and when certain content would become unavailable. The current season, Season 2, will continue to run until November 29th and then the Final Season shall begin. During this time, players can earn any ranked rewards from Season 2.

Flashy but flat

Flashy but flat

Other features such as the sale of the premium currency Garaz will be suspended on September 13th as well as the sale of digital and physical copies of the game. In a final closing statement from the Babylon’s Fall team, they said:

“Leading up until today, we received a lot of feedback from all our Sentinels through multiple surveys, official livestreams, our official Discord server and social media channels, which has been a great help to us in the Development and Operations teams. In particular, through our surveys we received a great deal of enthusiastic messages of support alongside keen observations of issues and suggestions for improvement. This really made us feel that we were able to create the world of BABYLON’S FALL together with our players. Despite all of your support, we are truly sad and sorry to say that we will be unable to continue with the game’s service.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing BABYLON’S FALL until the service ends.”

Babylon’s Fall Development and Operations Team

Washed out world

Washed out world

Babylon’s Fall infamously launched to a state of disrepair and disappointment. Before its release, many fans were excited about the prospect of a new hack-and-slasher from Platinum Games. The original trailer showed a deep and fascinating new IP set against the backdrop of an interesting world, and footage released after the fact made people hope that this game would succeed.

At some point during development, however, the game changed directions to become a focused co-operative live-service looter-slasher. The art style of the game had been changed and many felt their interest wain at the change. 

When Babylon’s Fall was released on March 3rd of 2022, it was met with middling reviews. It quickly become one of the worst reviewed games of the year. It is currently sitting at an abysmal 41 on Metacritic, with only a 2.2 User score. The game was lambasted for being bland with boring level design and combat, as well as a story which felt hollow. Overall, it was a fall from grace, one which could not be saved by its live service elements.

Shift to co-op

Shift to co-op

Even up until the announcement, the Babylon’s Fall Twitter account would continue to tweet out the weekly reset rotations. However, it was clear that nobody wanted to play anymore, with the concurrent player count of Steam dropping to an unfathomable 1 player in May. The game will not even make it to one year before it is shut down.

Babylon’s Fall will likely remain a stain on Platinum Games going forward. If you have any desire to play it before termination, you have until February 28th of 2023 to do so.