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Award-Winning Game KOI Heading to Steam

Re-immerse yourself in the calming tranquility of the world of KOI, coming to Steam on February 22nd.

Award-Winning Game KOI Heading to Steam
KOI, an adventure game with enchanting visuals and a soothing score, has been confirmed by the developers at Dotoyou Games to be launching on Steam. The game involves playing as a small koi on an adventure to purify the tainted water of its lotus pond by solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

Winner of the Modian Playstation Developer Competition based in China in 2015, it has since released on the PS4 marketplace and is also available for the PS Vita. It also holds the distinction of being the first PS4 game developed entirely in China.

Watch the trailer for KOI provided below:

KOI will launch on Steam on February 22nd. The official Steam page can be found here.

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