Avatar Generations Begins Preregistration Ahead of Global Launch

Avatar Generations, a free-to-play mobile RPG spin-off of the iconic Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, has officially begun preregistration ahead of its release. The game will launch on iOS and Android in early 2023.

Avatar Generations Begins Preregistration Ahead of Global Launch

In Avatar Generations, players will be able to relive the journey of Avatar Aang and his companions as they traverse the Four Nations. They will explore notable locations and reenact events from the popular series, as well as experience new storylines. They will also be able to build the ranks of their team through party customization options, and the recruitment of new members to engage in turn-based team battles.Ā 

The game is being developed and published by Crystal Dynamics Edios Entertainment, a former subsidiary of Square Enix, in partnership with Navigator Games. The developers have said Avatar Generations is designed to be accessible to those who arenā€™t all that familiar with traditional role-playing games. They have also confirmed they will be adapting content about past and future Avatars, and have even guaranteed the appearance of the protagonist of the sequel series, Korra.Ā 

Avatar Generations had already been soft launched in a few select countries such as Canada, Sweden, and South Africa. There is no set date for the gameā€™s global release as of yet. However, for now Android and iOS users can preregister with their email address starting today to receive in-game rewards and an email notification once the game launches.

Avatar Generations - Official Gameplay Trailer

Source:First ā€˜Avatar Generationsā€™ Trailer Previews a Combat-Focused RPGĀ 

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