Avalanche Studios Group Opens New UK Office

Avalanche Studios Group now has its fourth office between its three divisions: Avalanche Studios, Expansive World, and Systemic Reaction. The new Liverpool studio will be home for new hires for Expansive World, the developers of theHunter games.

Teaser image for Avalanche Studios Group (Credit: Avalanche Studios Group)

Avalanche Studios Group, the minds behind Mad Max and Just Cause, has announced a new office is being opened up in Liverpool, England

The new development team, currently consisting of five members, will work from home due to COVID-19, but once things clear up, then they will move to their new base of operations. The current plan is to recruit more people, at least 20, with hopes that it will reach 50 within the next two years. The company will try to hire over 100 people across its three main divisions.

The Liverpool office will be devoted to the developer of theHunter series from Expansive World, which is under the Avalanche umbrella. The recruits will work on its flagship hunting simulator along with new IP.

Avalanche Studios Group has three main divisions. Avalanche Studios is the center of it all with its explosive open-world games like Just Cause and Rage 2, which was a collaboration with Doom developer id Software. Expansive World has only developed two games for its theHunter franchise and Systemic Reaction, which has only developed last year’s Generation Zero and the newly announced Second Extinction, a three-person co-op shooter where you and your friends fight dinosaurs.

Second Extinction Announcement Trailer

Now with the Liverpool office, Avalanche Studios Group has four studios around the world. The company spans from its main home in Stockholm, then in 2011 came the opening in New York City, in 2018 it opened up another Swedish office in Malmö, and now Liverpool will be added to the collection of buildings that developers under the group will reside.


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