Avalanche Studios Changes its Name, Teases New FPS

Avalanche Studios, the company behind Just Cause and Mad Max, is changing its name to Avalanche Studios Group to accommodate for its other divisions. On top of the rebranding, one of its sectors, Systemic Reaction, has put out a teaser for a new FPS that hints at some monstrous enemies.

Screenshot of blowing things up in Just Cause 4 (credit: Avalanche Studios Group)

Avalanche Studios is changing its name, along with revealing a teaser for its next untitled game, which will be an FPS. The developer will now rebrand as Avalanche Studios Group.

Avalanche Studios’ new name will recognize the rest of its “creative divisions,” which consists of Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction. Avalanche will continue developing action-packed open-world titles like Just Cause. Expansive will focus on its outdoorsy centered games like the 2017 simulator theHunter: Call of the Wild. Finally, Systemic will resume its self-publishing endeavors, like the newly teased FPS.

Not much to dissect from the 28-second teaser (seen below). It mostly zooms in slowly on a snowy cave with distant gunshots coming from inside. Some monstrous growls, and a brief second of a first-person view of someone shooting a gun into the darkness, suggests an FPS involving some kind of monsters will be the premise of this mysterious game.

Systemic Reaction Unannounced Game - Official Teaser Trailer

Avalanche Studios Group has more to offer than a new name and mysterious teaser, also promising that more games are in the development pipeline. The Swedish company’s last AAA title was a collaboration with id Software for Rage 2. Along with that, the studio developed and published another open-world FPS called Generation Zero. Due to its long history with the genre, with the four Just Cause franchise games which started in 2006 and 2015’s Mad Max, it is possible for more to come in the realm of a massive AAA release in the coming years.

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