Atlus Releases Five Minute Video Teasing Intriguing New RPG

In a new five minute trailer from Atlus, Re Fantasy unveils its first explanation to the world. In that short time, it suggests several interesting ideas about how to handle a fantasy RPG. In design by Atlus owned development team, Studio Zero, Re Fantasy displays an affinity for established fantasy RPG norms while, at the same, showing an openness to more modern day elements recently seen in director Katsura Hashino’s work in Persona 5.

Atlus Releases Five Minute Video Teasing Intriguing New RPG
The trailer cleverly begins by showing us what must be concept art from the studio. This comes in the form of the narrator’s scrap book, flipping from one page to the next. We see heros riding atop dragons, Samurai-like armoured warriors and strange mythological creatures pulling carts.

What makes the trailer so interesting is how the narrator talks of warring tribes. He muses on what the world would be like if it only had one tribe and how this assumed utopia of peace among men would be the promised land. As he says so, we see images of our world. To the narrator, this is a world without magic – a world that is better off. He believes magic to be a nefarious force that always leads to war and always becomes weaponized. It’s an interesting inversion of our own reality as he sees the real world as his fantasy.

Yet, as the trailer moves into the live action segment, displaying different possible player classes, their descriptions almost appear a commentary on the world in which live. Perhaps, unbeknownst to the narrator, his idealistic promised land is not quite as perfect as he would like. The cleric is supposed to be “banishing all other species”, calling themes of racism to mind. The mage is a “guilt ridden protester” which instantly calls to mind the many riots and protests the world has seen over the course of 2017. The lord wants to “achieve aristocracy”, perhaps relating to our desire for celebrity and fame.

Atlus Releases Five Minute Video Teasing Intriguing New RPG - Concept art
This intriguing trailer implies much darker tones that what we’re used to getting from Japanese game studios. Although a little comic relief is afforded for a split second when the narrator accidentally shows us a kinky drawing he’s made. As a teaser, we have a surprisingly large amount to think about here. How much of the discussion surrounding “what makes a fantasy” will play into the final result of Re Fantasy? The title itself is almost synonymous with the word “reset”, suggesting some established themes are going to be messed around with a little. The trailer even boldly ends the note “ReThink Fantasy RPG”. Which is all well and good to just say, but after this small segment, we’re confident that Re Fantasy will be title to keep an eye on as news updates progress on it throughout 2018.

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