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Atlus Has Registered A Lot of New Persona 5 Domains

It seems like a new Persona related announcement could be on the way. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed a lot of new Persona 5 related domains registered by Atlus.

Atlus Has Registered A Lot of New Persona 5 Domains

Earlier this month, Nintendo surprised everyone with the announcement that Persona 5's player character, Joker would join the Smash Brothers roster. It seems like we're not quite finished with Persona 5 announcements yet though. Persona fan-site, PersonaCentral has noticed a batch of Persona-related domains that Atlus have registered. The list is below.

  • Persona5R.JP
  • P5S.JP
  • Persona5S.JP
  • Persona5M.JP
  • P5M.JP
  • P5B.JP
  • Persona5B.Jp

Now it's not too crazy to imagine that with the Smash announcement, Persona 5 must have a Nintendo Switch version in the works. Perhaps an enhanced port with additional story content similar to the PSP Vita's Persona 4 Golden. There's also a chance that Persona 5 Arena could be in the works too. It's a little early to try and predict what these domains might be really though, are they related to new Persona projects or are Atlus just grabbing a bunch of domains early to try and prevent possible domain squatters? Either way, Persona 5 is a marvelous game and I will absolutely play spin-offs from what was my favorite game of 2017.

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