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Atlus Announces They’re Gonna Announce Something in March

So, Persona 5 "R" is a thing. The problem is we still don't know what the R stands for. Neither do we really have any idea what Persona 5 R is until Atlus shares more details.

Atlus Announces They're Gonna Announce Something in March
Atlus has confirmed that Persona 5 R is a thing. We still don't really know what though. The general assumption is that it's an enhanced port with additional content similar to Persona 4 Golden. The other possibility is that it'll come to Nintendo Switch at some point considering how Persona 5's player character, Joker will join the Smash Brothers roster at some point. Still, the most we've really got right now is this weird teaser Atlus just released.

So the PS4 logo at the start most likely means that whatever Persona 5 R is, will be on PlayStation for sure. According to a Reddit thread on said video, the Japanese voiceover says: 

This is Joker. The voices calling for our action grow louder as the year's end approaches but we're done for the year. We are looking forward to meeting you in March 2019. Happy new year.

March is also when another Persona 5 Anime special will air, just like how this video was released shortly after a Persona 5 Anime episode. So we still don't really know much, other than Persona 5 R is a thing. It's worth noting that the video teases "new projects: so perhaps there's more to share. Persona Q2's western release date, Persona 5 Arena maybe? Who knows, guess we'll find out more in March.

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