Atlas Reactor devs introduce awesome free Winter update!

The Snowmageddon is descending onto Atlas Reactor, bringing a wealth of brand new content! Trion Worlds introduce a free Winter update that brings a new Freelancer, themed maps, and even a preview of a brand new game mode!

Atlas Reactor devs introduce awesome free Winter update!
The much loved turn-based strategy Atlas Reactor is receiving a huge update for the holiday season! Developers Trion Worlds are bringing a wealth of new content into the game including a new Freelancer, map themes, a preview of a new game mode and more!

So lets start with the new Freelancer that you can play. Her name is Phaedra and she is described as an 'imposing frontliner'. She is best at hunting down and staying on opponents, using her abilities to facilitate a very hunter-like play style. She is also able to track and damage players through walls, which means that no cover will be safe ever again whilst there is a Phaedra out to play. She will undoubtedly be a Freelancer that will require a lot of skill to play, as her damage is low, yet with a high health pool and unparalleled ability to stick to her opponents, Phaedra could very well dominate the competition.

Now lets turn our attention to the new game mode, Extraction. Inspired by the Open Beta trailer 'The Case', Extraction is an objective-based game mode in which players will be required to retrieve and keep hold of a case, gaining one point each turn and 2 points for a kill. When your team has 10 points, you must try to get your case to the Extraction Zone. That is easier said than done though, as your mobility is greatly reduced, and taking enough damage or dashing will drop that precious case. Or, if you are feeling risky, you can hold the case and play for the win by points, the team with the most points at the end of Turn 20 will take the victory.

Other content in the update also includes holiday-themed content, 25 brand new winter skins for various Freelancers, a Christmas themed version of Cloudspire and much more. For full patch notes, do go ahead and visit the update news page on the official Atlas Reactor website.

You can play Atlas Reactor for free right now on Steam

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