Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Next Major Expansion: “The Siege of Paris” Releases August 12

The next big expansion for Valhalla will set players on the road to Paris, with questlines that lead up to a famous Viking battle. Available August 12 as a standalone purchase or as part of the Season Pass, this new content drops in the wake of the game's Season 3: Sigrblot Season.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Next Major Expansion: It’s time to hit the road again in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Announced at E3 2021, The Siege of Paris, the next large expansion, will finally arrive on August 12. Owners of the Season Pass will receive the content automatically, and it’s also available for $24.99 for owners of the main game. This release also arrives during the height of Season 3: Sigrblot Season, which runs from July 29 to August 19.

There’s plenty of new content to enjoy in both of these drops, from timed activities to the return of Infiltration Missions, which allows players to eliminate their targets as they wish. In addition to this fan-favorite game mode, the expansion also includes access to new weapons, abilities, gear, and enemy types. The Siege of Paris follows Wrath of the Druids, in which the enemy targets were the Children of Danu, set in Ireland.

The Siege of Paris will release on August 12. Season 3: Sigrblot Season, begins July 29th as a free content update.

Sigrblot Season Free Update - Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Sigrblot Season continues to bring fresh content to the game on a regular basis, and will once again take place in the Ravensthorpe settlement around the traditional bonfire. The limited-time Sigrblot Festival celebrates the start of the raiding season, with such activities as Flyting, a Fight Tournament, and Dice Game mini-games. Three new quests will also become available.

There are also exclusive rewards, such as customization options, settlement decorations, and weapons. Notable, Skrofnung the one-handed sword can be acquired with Sigrblot tokens in the festival shop for a limited time. Another free update is planned for later on the season, bringing back River Raids, with locations mapped across the rivers of Francia and Ireland.

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