Assassin’s Creed Creator Says Working At Ubisoft Meant Lying

The creator of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series opened up about "political lying" for the publisher in a recent interview.

Assassin's Creed Creator Says Working At Ubisoft Meant Lying
Patrice Desilets, creator of Ubisoft's well-known Assassin's Creed series, opened up about working for the publisher in a recent interview with Gameology, in which the developer says that working for the company meant "political lying" to gamers.

His comments are as follows:

“My biggest struggle with being in an organization is that I was the guy at the end or in the middle also… I was the guy doing interviews like what we’re doing right now and I had to come up with political lying and I would receive comments and decisions made by other people and not me because it’s all about compromising when you’re in a big organization somehow,” he said. “And as my role, the creative director, it’s tough to live by the decisions of others when being in front of the camera or Skype and I said I’m not a really good liar so I can’t do it anymore.

And then I also realized that when you do a really big franchise, you also make money for other people and they don’t really care about you (Laugh). So I said, enough! if I do another Assassin’s Creed at least it would be for me and my guys and also for Quebec and for my people in Montreal.”

Currently Desilets works for Panace Studios, a 24 person team that has a title that bears a striking resemblance to Assassin's Creed, called Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, in development.

A recently released trailer for the game can be found below:

ANCESTORS: The Humankind Odyssey Teaser 2017 (Pre-Alpha Footage)

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    This interview shows fairly well the financial stakes that have existed for many years in the AAA video game industry, with choices that are not necessarily directed towards the players but rather towards the shareholders and thus decision-makers who still want more by having little regard for developers who work very hard.

    • Avatar photo

      There’s a careful balance that needs to be paid attention to. Sure the fans are always important, but appeasing the people who help you fund the game is just as important too. Otherwise, all these developers wouldn’t even have a job (at least at Ubisoft),


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