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Ashes of Creation Development Is Right On Track

Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG that promises a lot. It boasts everything you would expect from an MMO and more. This includes a player built game world as cities rise and fall through player directed conquests, sixty four character classes and trade. With all of this in the works, it’s great to see developer Intrepid striding confidently into the Alpha phase of development.

Ashes of Creation Development Is Right On Track
In the latest update from Intrepid, we’ve learned that the massive world of Verra is not all players will have to look forward to. A whole other world lies in wait below, called the UnderRealm. Could this possibly double the map size of what we originally thought we were dealing with? Sadly, there is no further information on the scale of Intrepid’s UnderRealm.

It does however, offer a completely fresh colour palette, giving off a whole new vibe for hungry adventurers looking for something different. To learn more about the exciting new MMO on the way, check out our article on why we think Ashes of Creation could reinvent the wheel 

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