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Artsy Way To The Woods Gets Reveal Trailer

Way To The Woods is all about a deer and her fawn finding their way home in a post-human world. It’s beautiful and intriguing. Australian game developer Anthony Tan has worked hard over the last few years of his life to create Way To The Woods. Just yesterday, Tan had the pleasure of finally reaching a point in his project where he could release an announcement trailer.

Artsy Way To The Woods Gets Reveal Trailer
Way To The Woods is going to be a kind of walking simulator with survival elements. The deer and her fawn must find food and shelter along their journey through the dead industrious human world. Although, what reminds us a little of Sony’s Journey is the presence of some kind of feline God. Smashing things with your God given antlers is of course part of the Deer’s job description.

What will likely seer Way To The Woods in your mind after seeing it, is its distinctive art style. A kind of cell shaded texture and lighting system, powered by Unreal Engine 4 gives off a story book kind of hand drawn vibe. The art that comes to life in the game is a combination of the suites Zbrush, Photoshop and Maya. What’s more impressive is that this one man project means the music has also been composed by Anthony Tan. If there was ever a way to put yourself on the game design radar, this is it. By the way – Tan is just eighteen years old. 

His inspirations, as detailed on the official website, draw from Studio Ghibli’s works and The Last of Us.

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