ARMS Online Open Tournament Coming This Month

The popular Nintendo Switch fighting game ARMS will be hosting an open online tournament this month for it's U.S. and Canada based players. The tournament will be available through ranked matches. Winners of the matches will then face off in finals live streamed by Nintendo.

Put Up Your Dukes And Get Ready For An ARMS Tournament!
ARMS has tried to become the next big fighting game series for Nintendo other than the juggernaut known as Super Smash Bros. This month Nintendo has begun a tournament for it's players that will culminate in a live stream of the finals. Players can join the tournament from now until Mar 18.

On Mar 31st players who have not yet purchased the full version of the game will be allowed to try more of its' game modes. Players must have the Testpunch downloaded previously to try out more features of the full game. This trial period wil last 3 days in hopes of bringing in more players to the game.

ARMS has sold nearly 1.6 million copies worldwide as of right now. The finals will be live streamed from Nintendo HQ in Redmond, Virginia on March 31st. 

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