ARK: Survival Evolved new update revealed

A new update and thanksgiving event are coming to ARK: Survival Evolved featuring blood-thirsty mutant super turkeys.

ARK: Survival Evolved new update revealed
At this time of the year, many people are celebrating thanksgiving and the team at Studio Wildcard has released a new thanksgiving event for players of ARK: Survival Evolved. The game has also received a new update to the game adding new features.

Studio Wildcard has released the Turkey Trial 2 event for Steam which features blood-thirsty mutant super turkeys in different biomes. Players can hunt and kill these birds.

You can view the trailer for this update below:

The game has also received a new update (v252) which adds:

  1. New Dinos:

    • Achatina

    • Megalosaurus

    • Pachyrhinosaurus

    • Moschops

  2. New Mechanic:

    • Breeding phase 3 with random mutations and family trees.

  3. CrossARK Transfer:

    • Easily bring items back and forth between the islands in the base game and the Scorched Earth expansion.

  4. All new caves on the island:

    • Redesigned with proper shipping quality layouts, graphics and increased challenge.

  5. Explorer notes:

    • Two new mythos explorer notes for each character.

  6. Whistle ordering groups:

    • Create groups by class or specific dino.

  7. New whistle type:

    • "Move To" – point at an arbitrary location and tell your dinos to move there.

  8. VFX indicators for whistle commands.

If you haven't yet bought the game, the main game is 50% off in Steam's autumn sale and the Scorched Earth's expansion is 25% off.

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