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ArcheAge – better services, more servers

ArcheAge - more capacity, bonuses and faster service.

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New update has been released today and there are many important news.

1. Server capacity

There are 3 new worlds in NA. New servers for EU are on the way and should be ready on Tuesday. People are workin hard to make it asap. So let's hope it will be true tomorrow.

2. Bans

Trion has banned around 10k of accounts, bots and afkers.

3. Patron bonus time

The bonus was expanded on Saturday to more people and more time was given. It is the top priority to make it work for all patrons.

4. Bonus founder's items

You can use the option to reenable your Founder's pack items on another character or server. But only ONCE!

5. Customer service

CS capacity has been increased and the chat wait times are about two thirds faster than last week.

And one last thing. NA servers were targeted by a handful of DDOSes but last out with just minor issues.

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