April Marks Dead Or Alive 6’s Final DLC

After all this time, Dead or Alive 6 releases its final DLC in April. Not only that, but patch v1.22 is also confirmed to arrive next month too! Following this final DLC is no new content, but there is much to look forward to for next month at least, and patch details are still coming in.

Dead Or Alive 6 Releases Final DLC In April

It’s official: Dead or Alive 6 releases its final DLC in April. What’s more, patch v1.22 is arriving in April, as well. There isn’t much regarding the DLC, but patch details are out, and it’s been confirmed that on April 16, players will receive one Premium Ticket. Following the DLC, there will be no more additional content. However, the game will continue to work as expected: online matches, rankings, and the DLC store will stay.

With the latest patch, it will be adding the [Revival] High Society Costumes and the [Revival] School Uniforms as DLC. Various bug fixes and more are expected as well. On the patch notes, Patch v1.21a is available now on PlayStation 4. The most notable addition with the patch is on the hair color change system. It can now be unlocked on a permanent basis for any hairstyle that features it and includes all available colors. To add to this, all premium tickets used to purchase hair colors before the update have been refunded. With such a large scale revision, a reset to default setting had to be made for the hair color settings.

Another notable change with Patch v1.21a was on the premium tickets. The number of Premium Tickets that can be purchased is now limited. Other than this, there are now two additional information displays. One shows the number of remaining available costumes and hair colors that can be exchanged for Premium Tickets. The other shows the maximum number of Premium Tickets required to unlock all available costumes and hair colors.

The upcoming DLC will be the 423rd in the DLC lineup of the game. A large feat, as the game has become known for its multiple purchasable items and high prices.

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