Apogee Announces Elements, A New Open-World Adventure

Apogee Entertainment has announced that their new open-world adventure, Elements, is coming to consoles. Two siblings set out on a grand adventure to save their home in the land of Elemythia. While the game is still a long way off, it shows plenty of promise.

Apogee Announces Elements, A New Open-World Adventure

Apogee Entertainment has dropped a new trailer for Elements. The new open-world adventure was first revealed for Steam back in the spring. However, it is now also coming to many consoles. Developer WreckIt Games is aiming for a late 2022 launch window. The game will be available on PC (Steam), as well as on the Switch, Xbox (One and Series X | S), and PlayStation 4 & 5.

Players will explore the vast lands of Elemythia on an epic adventure. The story follows a pair of siblings called Nyah and Beckett. With their home in jeopardy, they set out to protect it. Players can adventure as either sibling while they quest to find the eight Elemental Stones. These enchanted artifacts are among the many secrets hiding in the world of Elements.

Elements | Announcement Trailer

In Elements, players can craft equipment to build their combat prowess. On the other hand, one can also build a homestead, where the siblings can store items, farm, or just relax for a bit. Devon Parsons (founder of Wreckit Games) commented on the inspiration behind the game:

“I wanted a game world I could get lost in with my kids. So I decided to make it. Unreal Engine and Unreal Marketplace give me the power to do it solo.”

Nintendo fans will likely compare it to Breath of the Wild, which of course has a sequel in the works. In fact, Apogee Entertainment’s Elements does have at least one direct connection to that title. Protagonist Nyah is voiced by Patricia Summersett. You may know her as the voice actress behind Breath of the Wild‘s incarnation of Princess Zelda. Apogee has also released a video of Patricia herself discussing what she likes about Elements:

Elements | Patricia Summersett as Nyah

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