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Apex Legends Hits Over 50 Million Players

Barely a month old, the F2P Battle Royal has reached a huge milestone. 50 million players have entered the King's Canyon since the surprise launch of Apex Legends in February.

Apex Legends Hits Over 50 Million Players
Apex Legends just keeps on getting stronger. Respawn Entertainment's CEO, Vince Zampella, just revealed on Twitter that Apex Legends has reached over 50 million players. In addition, there's even a neat little statistic-filled video to accompany the huge milestone.

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On Twitter, Daniel Ahmad highlighted the fact that Apex Legends is experiencing a higher user growth rate than Fornite did when they first launched their Battle Royale mode. Perhaps it's not a 100% fair comparison to make considering Fortnite launched their BR mode just as PUBG was blowing up big time, while Apex Legends has come in a couple of years later. Still, it's an interesting figure to look at.

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A month after launch, Apex Legends is going strong and all signs point to it being a massive hit for EA and Respawn. There's still no word on when they'll be launching the battle pass for Apex Legends or any hints at the next legend's skills. (There have been a few leaks, sure, but nothing concrete right now.) Either way, as a longtime Titanfall fan, it's great to see Respawn finally getting the success they deserve. Especially since none of you heathens give Titanfall 2 the love it deserves.

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