Apex Legends First Year Roadmap Released by Respawn

Apex Legends will continue to grow with four major updates planned for 2019. Players can look forward to getting their hands on new weapons and loot. The year will also play host to the first four seasons for players to compete in.

Apex Legends First Year Roadmap Released by Respawn
Respawn Entertainment has quite a bit planned for Apex Legends throughout the rest of 2019. After a surprise release yesterday of the new battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe, the development studio Tweeted an image of what’s in store for the future of the game.

The first major update looks to drop in March, and will include the official start of the game’s first season, and a battle pass for players who want the best chance at getting in-game items.

June will bring season two with it, as well as “new legends,” which may mean we have new playable characters to look forward to. The following major update comes in September with season three and the promise of new weapons. The final major update of the year, and season four of Apex Legends, comes in December along with new loot.
While not confirmed for this year, Respawn Entertainment’s Lead Producer, Drew McCoy, has said the company is working on implementing cross-platform play into the title. Though don't expect to bring your already decked-out character to another console to play, as progress and purchases won't ever be able to be transfered.

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