Antigraviator Looks Facemeltingly Fast

It’s been a while since the release of the remastered Wipeout game. It was a lovely treat at the time but it has to be said, it could have used some enhancements for a modern audience (aside from just graphics of course). Now we have Antigraviator to look forward to. Wipeout holds to crown for anti-gravity racing. But Antigraviator carries a few strong trump cards that could place it in the lead.

For starters, Antigraviator won’t be limited to just PlayStation owners. Aiming for the second quarter of 2018, publisher Iceberg Interactive intends on releasing the game simultaneously on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There’s no denying how sleek Antigraviator looks with developers, Cybernetic Walrus building the game off the back of the Unity Engine. Which is great news after seeing how well it has performed in titles as aesthetically differing as Firewatch and Layers of Fear. Whether that sense of sleekness carries over to ship handling remains to be seen.

Unlike many of Antigraviator’s zero-G racing counterparts, this time we’ll not be using weapons to specifically get the drop on our fellow racers. Instead, Cybernetic Walrus would rather we play through the game’s campaign to unlock modifications and ship customisation, boosting several stats. We’re also promised making use of the environment to set traps behind us as we race ahead. Players will have the opportunity to really get smart with certain tracks as they create rockslides, collapse tunnels and activate mines. That’s not all! Bravely, Cybernetic Walrus tells us that Antigraviator will have no speed limit… Some great game design will be needed for that to never be a problem. 

If Antigraviator succeeds in that well rounded game design, the final icing on the cake is something modern gamers see very little of these days. Split screen. As if calling back to the older generations of consoles, Antigraviator will have not just two player split screen, but also four player. Can you remember the last game that allowed you to that? Couch co-op pizza night, here we come!

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