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Anthem Players Report Major Crashes in PS4 Version

Anthem has seen its fair share of issues since its initial release, and recent news certainly won't help that. Players of the PS4 version of the game have reported hard crashes, and in some cases even having their consoles bricked.

Anthem Players Report Major Crashes in PS4 Version
Bioware's Anthem is facing even more controversy after several players have reported a new bug in the game which hard crashes the console, with some even alleging their systems have been bricked, (permanently unable to function properly).

Issues of hard crashing have been reported for both the PS4 and Xbox One versions, though the issue seems much more common to the former. The issue also isn’t a particularly new one, with some users on the EA support forums having posted the issue as far back as at least a week ago.

What’s more worrying is the claims from some players, such as Reddit user TheMadTitanGuantlet, that the issue has outright bricked their PS4’s.  While these claims are, at the moment, fairly rare, they have worried many players enough to say they will stop playing the game all together until the issue has been properly resolved.

Sony has apparently been offering refunds to players who bought the digital version of the game, though this seems to be inconsistent, as many have also said they are being denied refunds. For their part, EA addressed the issue on Twitter through the EAHelp account, which states as followed:

Anthem Players Report Major Crashes in PS4 Version: Full post on the @EAHelp Twitter
The crash in question seems to shut the PS4 off in a similar manner to unplugging the console while in rest mode. There has yet to be any official confirmation of the issue bricking the consoles, though it would be advised that players hold off until the issue is resolved.

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