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Anthem is getting huge Day One Patch

Last week, Gamers who were EA Origin Access Premier subscribers were able to get their hands on Anthem, a week before the games launch. However, one common complaint that players are having with the game are the load times. These issues seem to persist even before the game was available, as many took issue with load times when the demo was made available earlier this month.

Anthem is getting huge Day One Patch
To get a much better understanding of these issues, a Reddit user, u/dragonoob44, timed how long it takes to exit Freeplay to change gear, then re-enter, which resulted in over 7 minutes of loading. This is just one of the dozens of subreddits that have been dedicated to this issue. Bioware will now be rectifying this issue with a day one patch.

The patch is attempting to fix a wide range of issues but puts loading times (and a bug that causes infinite loading screens) as its top priority. The patch will also fix problems with challenge tracking, disconnects, game crashes, and modifiers for weapons and gear reflected adequately. You can read the full Day One Patch notes on Anthem's official Reddit page.

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