Anthem Confirmed for EA PLAY 2018

EA's next big game, Anthem, is due for some more coverage coming this June. See what Bioware has been up to this 9-11th June.

Anthem Confirmed for EA PLAY 2018
The official Electronic Arts Twitter account has confirmed that Anthem will be shown off at this year’s EA PLAY from the 9-11th of June. Anthem was announced at last year’s E3 with an official title instead of its previous Codename Dylan, named after Bob Dylan in the ambitious claim to become the best game of all time.

It seems to mix Mass Effect, Destiny and Monster Hunter in a large, sprawling world maneuvered through with javelins. Regardless of the huge controversy surrounding EA’s practices, Anthem is shaping up to make some impact on the gaming landscape when it finally releases.

Anthem Confirmed for EA PLAY 2018

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    Great game ! Late comment to the party here but wow the demo weekend was a blast. Once you could log in it was incredible fun


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