Another Destiny Comeback Announced

After bringing the Iron Banner back, Bungie adds another map into this control mode. Distant Shore rests on Nessus and is inspired by the original game's Shores of Time PvP map. Once the event is over after the weekly reset, the map will be put in rotation for all the playlists.

Another Destiny comeback announced
The new map is already available in Crucible. While it wouldn't be safe to say that this is purely a re-skin, it is as close to the Destiny's original as it gets, with a slightly different decorum caused by a change of setting. You can (re)acquaint yourself with the Shores of Time layout below.
Another Destiny comeback announced — Shores of Time Map

Before you venture off to the Tower to pay Lord Saladin a visit and try the old new map out, be aware that there is still no permanent solution to the 'black screen bug' encountered by both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. In case this has never happened to you in-game, some users reportedly faced a black screen upon entering the Tower, with the audio still being active. There are a couple of things you can do to avoid it:
  • Launch an alternative activity or location before going to the Tower.
  • Shut down and relaunch the Destiny 2 application. 

Once Bungie completes the investigation of this issue, further updates and/or hotfixes will be provided. 

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