Another controversy raises around G2A

G2A is a digital reseller of game keys. The platform is one the most known resellers on the market, gray market. And this is not because of their exceptional quality or consumers/developers being satisfied with them. In fact, it is the opposite. G2A is known for causing damages to multiple indie game developers by selling stolen game keys and having a rather questionable consumer support.

Another controversy raises around G2A
The beginning of this year saw G2A trying to clear their reputation by hosting a Reddit AMA in which they managed to damage their reputation even more. Two months have passed since then, and yesterday British YouTube critic TotalBiscuit has announced his decision to stop covering games from Gearbox Software due to them partnering up with G2A.

You can watch his detailed explanation of the decision in the 10-minute video presented below, and the following text will just provide you with a short summary of what's going on: TotalBiscuit has been vocal against G2A for the last couple of years. His main reason is the damage they do to consumers and developers. He has made this decision to further support his reason and didn't expect something big to come out of it. After his statement, Gearbox contacted him to clear out the situation. After getting into the swing of things, Gearbox issued an ultimatum to G2A.

What happened with G2A and Gearbox?

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