Ancestor’s Legacy Gets Release Date And Open Beta

Ancestor’s Legacy takes a new leap towards full release today. 1C and developer, Destructive Creations have today announced the game will release on May 22nd for Windows PC and XboxOne. Although, an official release date is not all we have learned from Destructive Creations today. Gamers who enjoy the real time strategy genre can take part in an open beta right now.

Ancestor’s Legacy Gets Release Date And Open Beta
Now that Destructive Creations have finished offering a first glimpse of the game to media and selected parties, Ancestors Legacy is now available to everyone to try for themselves. This will be a multiplayer offering that features all four playable nations. Three maps will be available, offering up a choice of 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 players. Should any players choose to learn the system well before taking the fight online, they can with an A.I enemy setting.

Ancestor’s Legacy Gets Release Date And Open Beta - Battle begins
Ancestors Legacy focuses on a rush of several gameplay factors at once – base building, resource gathering and the final crunch in large scale squad based battles. Destructive Creations wanted to make sure the player could appreciate every aspect of a battle and to do this, they have incorporated the action camera, allowing one of the most up close and personal perspectives seen in an RTS. What’s more, it all looks great with the power of the Unreal Engine.

Ancestor’s Legacy Gets Release Date And Open Beta - Action camera in... action
With a strong love of history, Destructive Creations say the following of the below trailer, We wanted to picture something intimate, personal. Prayers were very popular in medieval times, especially for the nations presented in Ancestors Legacy. These were warriors who lived to conquer, so whether they were Christians or Pagans, they all needed deities to pray to when the battle was upon them. And that’s what we aimed for – not a prayer from an old prayer-book, but rather words that people use when they try to talk to their higher powers. When they get personal with whatever it is they believe in.”

Finally, if you like the look of Ancestor’s Legacy it also became available for pre-purchase today. Those who put money down ahead of the title’s full release will receive a full digital Collector’s Edition of Ancestors Legacy, containing the original soundtrack composed by Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, and a digital artbook put together by the art team at Destructive Creations. Better still, grabbing Ancestors Legacy now will bag you a discount! 

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