The Official Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge Has Been Announced

Microsoft caught viewers off-guard during E3's Xbox and Bethesda showcase with a surprise announcement of an Xbox Series X designed mini-fridge. This comes in response to the Xbox Series X mini-fridge meme that was created upon the official 2019 world premiere of the console.

The official Xbox Series X mini-fridge has been announced cover

Last Sunday, during E3’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Microsoft had surprised viewers with an unexpected announcement of a new Xbox Series X mini-fridge to be released in the 2021 holiday. 

Jokingly referred to in the trailer as “the world’s most powerful mini-fridge”, the product is a clear nod to the popular 2019 Xbox Series X meme in which viewers of the console’s official world premiere labelled it as a mini-fridge due to its tall and wide build. Microsoft clearly noticed this and decided to join in on the fun with the announcement of this unorthodox product.

The mini-fridge has a simplistic Xbox Series X-inspired design with a charcoal black exterior and compact lime green interior. The fridge looks to be able to fit up to around 10 small (330ml) cans, with two sets of four fitting stood up inside the lower two shelves and another two cans laid down horizontally within the top shelf.

The announcement also identifies that the fridge has “Xbox velocity cooling architecture”. What that means exactly remains to be said.

Xbox Series X Fridge – World Premiere – 4K Trailer

This mini-fridge reveal came not long after the world premiere of the Xbox Series X fridge (regular size) back in October 2020. These larger fridges were sent by Microsoft to select individuals, including Snoop Dogg. However, now it would seem that these mini-fridges that are more like the console’s actual size are to be batch produced for fans to purchase. 

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