Among Us Sold 3.2 Million Copies in 2 Weeks on Switch

Among Us has sold over 3 million copies on the Nintendo Switch in December despite releasing on the 15th. This sets it up to be one of the best selling games on Switch. Could this massive success lead to ports on Xbox and PlayStation consoles?

Among Us Sold 3.2 Million Copies in 2 Weeks on Switch Cover

The hit game Among Us has reportedly sold 3.2 million copies in December 2020 on Switch. This is within just 2 weeks as the game was released on December 15th. This is according to SuperData, who research the industry to identify sales performances and trends. The social deduction game beat competition with the likes RobloxImmortals Fenyx Rising and Doom Eternal also releasing in December.

Among Us‘s huge success in 2020 has made it one of the highest-selling games on Switch. The low price allows for a much wider appeal, especially amongst more casual gamers and children. The simplistic and easy to understand gameplay means it’s perfect for friends to play together and immediately have fun. Also, the social dynamics of the gameplay makes it very entertaining to watch streamers and content creators play – extending its popularity beyond the people playing.

At least according to the data on this Wikipedia page, this makes it the 16th best-selling game on Switch. However, the data for most titles isn’t up-to-date, the sources vary per game and it only includes titles published by Nintendo. Regardless, it’s undeniable that people are clamouring to have access to the game on more platforms.  

As Among Us sold so many copies on Switch it could hint towards more console ports. It would make sense for the team at Innersloth to work on bringing the game to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This would ensure long-term success, especially if the game supports crossplay between all platforms – as seen with Fortnite Battle Royale.

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